Jura Swiss hounds


I have tried different breeds of dogs trying to find what was best for me. 

Years ago I had Harriers and they did a good job but were to fast to run other dogs with.

 I now have Jura Swiss Hounds and they are doing good for me.  They are bred for nose ad brains and not for speed. They are larger dogs, But I run beagles with them a lot.

Jura Swiss hounds were developed in the Jura mountains on the Swiss/French border. They have good noses and are very smart. We have a lot of snow in our area and the longer legged dogs are better when the snow is deep and soft.

I have a friend that runs Harriers and Swiss hounds together. He has always said that you could plan on the Swiss starting the rabbit but most of the time it would be shot in front of thr Harrier. The Harries are just so much faster.